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Breast Pump

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PRODUCT MANUAL:Electric Breast Pump

*Unique design, super quiet
*Strong suction, 9 grade adjustments
*Large display screen, real time visualization
*Self defined interface, satisfied and comfortable
*Double frequency, massage for milk promoting
*One-piece suction funnel easier to clean
*Portable design, Two power supply modes, DC adapter and battery

Keys of main pump

① On/Pause key
     In power-off status, press this key the main pump will 
be turned on and start suction operation. 
     In operation status, press this key to pause. 
     In pause status, press this key for 2 seconds the main 
pump  will be powered-off. 
② Massage key
     Press this key to switch the operation mode 
     among the changes of "massage mode", 
     "suction mode" and "self-definition mode".
③ Vacuum increase key
     Press this key to increase vacuum level by one grade.
④ Vacuum decrease key

     Press this key to decrease vacuum level by one grade

Display of main pump

⑤ Vacuum grade display
    One grid stands for one grade and there are 9 grids in total.
⑥ Massage vacuum level display
     It displays the vacuum grade of massage suction, 
     divided into 3 grades in total.
⑦ Working time display
     It starts counting from the moment of operation
     and resume zero when powered off.
⑧ Suction mode display.
    In "Pause" status it is blinking and means
    preparing for suction. In "Operation" 
    status it means suction is in progress. 
⑨ Massage mode display
     In "Pause" status it means "ready for 
     massage". The icon is blinking.
     In "operation" status it means "massage in progress".
⑩ Self-definition mode display
     In "Pause" status it means "ready for self-definition 
     suction". The icon is blinking.
     In "Operation"status it means "self-definition suction in progress".
⑪ DC adaptor supply display
     It means power is plugged by power adaptor.
⑫ Battery supply display
     It means power is supplied by battery.

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